Chain Hoist

 Hitachi hoists are known for their robust performance - even in harsh environments. Their additional features such as electro-mechanical overload limiter and self-adjusting brake system make these hoists extremely safe and reliable.Whether transporting or positioning loads with pinpoint accuracy, the electro-magnetic disc brake system in our electric chain hoist provides smooth operation and has a long service life.Safety features are available on all Hitachi electric chain hoists. This is an important factor, especially when automating transport operations. Our electric chain hoists are equipped with a REVERSE PHASE INSPECTING RELAY, which breaks the control circuit when the phase is reversed. The PUSHBUTTON SWITCH is made of rainproof plastic for high impact and corrosive atmosphere resistance and is mechanically interlocked. The 24-volt control circuit reduces the risk of electric shock during operation. An emergency stop button is provided to stop the chain hoist in an emergency.

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